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We are honored that you would choose us for your PC mod build. 

Having a hand-built boutique rig made for yourself or your company is a unique and personable way to showcase your love of technology.  Whether it's a dead silent home theater ready to bring your PC games to the couch (and your friends to their knees), a beautiful wall-mounted display case hanging in the back of your Twitch stream, or an executive's height-adjustable desk-case with the company running underneath its tempered-glass top; we can build it for you.

All quotes are estimates. Hardware Cost (+10% Markup) + Labor ($60/hr) + CA Tax

All hardware is ordered ASAP from best value vendors upon receipt of deposit and signature of contract.

Price & availability of components may change from the initial quote.  On the upside, new or updated components may be available in substitution.  

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